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Brainteaser Puzzles

In this unique, hands-on program, families build classic brainteaser puzzles, infuse them with their own creative design, then play and solve them together!  This program provides a family bonding experience and a lot of creative, brain-building fun!

Getting started
As a family, you'll need to decide:
-    Where will you create and display your puzzles?  We recommend designating a special Puzzle Corner in your home.
-    Who will choose the puzzles?
-    How often will you build new puzzles?  Will you create/post a schedule?
-    For advanced Puzzle Corners, who will develop the Hint sheet?

Building the Brainteasers
For each brainteaser, we supply instructions and an explanation to help you build it.  The puzzle you create must have clear instructions and be easy to touch and play.  Let your creativity shine and make these as simple or fancy as you wish!

Free Printable Games - Brainteaser Puzzles

Grades 1-2


Grades 3-4


Grades 5-6


Grades 7-8



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The Benefits of Family Puzzle Play:
Creating and solving puzzles as a family is an incredibly rewarding experience!  What's more, these puzzles challenge your mind to think critically and creatively, building lifelong problem solving skills while having a blast!

This program is inspired by the SNAP Math Fair, an incredible program based on the idea that learning mathematics is accomplished by solving meaningful, interesting problems. Learn more at and consider getting other families involved to create your own Math Fair!  

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