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Thinkfun Strategy Games

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together!

Setting aside family play time strengthens bonds, builds lasting memories, and exercises thinking skills through the fun of game play.  Get your family in on the brain building fun!

  1. Build Your Game Library
  2. Schedule Family Play
  3. Track Your Progress
  4. Build Thinking Skills

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The Games (go back to top)

Make sure you've got enough games so everyone can play!
For children ages 4-7, we recommend both single player junior games and family games you can play together. 

Family favorites include:


For players 8 & up, single player games that focus on logic & reasoning allow players to progress at their own pace.
Family favorites include:






Introduce new games by reviewing the game instructions and trying a few challenges together

Scheduling Family Play (go back to top)

Schedule 15-30 minutes of family play several times a week... and keep it sacred!  Here are some ideas other families:

Stop, Drop, and PLAY!  Store games in a bin by the front door. Once mom and dad get home, drop everything and play on the floor for 15 minutes.
-  Play at the kitchen table while dinner's in the oven.
-  Make game play your "dessert," and set up games at the table after dinner.
-  Homework's done, time for fun!  The promise of family game time is an incentive to finish schoolwork
-  Gather for 15 minutes before bedtime for Pajama Play!
-  Start a Sunday morning Pancake Play ritual, fire up your brains while you feed your bellies!

Need more inspiration? ThinkFun's Featured Families share how they incorporate game play into their lives!

Tracking Progress (go back to top)

Tracking sheets record progress for each member of your family. Display these charts to showcase progress and build excitement for the next session!
Individual Game Tracker (Download color pdf / Download b&w pdf)
Color a space each time you solve a challenge, or for younger players, each time you complete a round of game play.
Multi-Game Tracker (Download color pdf / Download b&w pdf)
Label each Tracker with an individual game. Players fill their own sheets, or keep one family chart and assign each player a color. Fill a space each time you complete a new game or challenge! 


Celebrate Success!

Set goals as a family. Can you combine to solve 100 challenges this
month or commit to family play every other night?  Decide together on a
special family outing or reward to celebrate your accomplishments!

Build Thinking Skills (go back to top)
Your family's mental muscles get stronger with each challenge solved, and that's something worth talking about!
Family discussions encourage players to reflect, articulate their thinking, and share struggles and successes. These conversations help families bond and players become more self-aware and better able to tackle future challenges a win-win!  The more you make these open-ended conversations about thinking part of your daily routine, the better problem solvers you will become!



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