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Binary Arts Revisits Classics for 2003

February 10, 2003 - (Alexandria, VA) - Binary Arts has redesigned three popular games, Stormy Seas and Hoppers. "We've revisited some of our classics, with a completely new way to play our popular Hoppers solitaire game," said Bill Ritchie, President and CEO of Binary Arts. "These are games our customers return to time and time again, and now they have even more play value."

Binary Arts Changes Name to ThinkFun

January 13, 2003 (Alexandria, VA) Toy Fair in New York City is full of many new game introductions, but rarely does it reintroduce a successful 18-year old company under a new brand name. On February 16th, Binary Arts is making a bold move to solidify its position as the leading manufacturer of mind challenging games by renaming the company ThinkFun. The company’s new tagline, "Think Fun," echoes this focus. They are also introducing ThinkFun Centers to retailers to spotlight their unique product, which embodies the philosophy that problem solving is fun.

Binary Arts Announces New Controller

New Controller Brings More Streamlining to BA Operations.

December 4, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Frank Homburger has joined Binary Arts as Controller. Homburger has over 20 years of experience in virtually all aspects of accounting and financial management. Most recently, Homburger was the Chief Financial Officer for William H. Gordon Associates, one of the area's most successful civil engineering firms. During Homburger's time there, William H. Gordon Associates went from an "unrated" status with Dun & Bradstreet to a top rating in less than one year. Homburger made various improvements to the financial operations to ensure accuracy, timeliness and usefulness of financial information. Prior to that, Homburger worked at Bengtson, DeBell & Elkin, Ltd, a large professional services firm, and Potomac Electric Power Company.

Smart Mouth® is CTTC Best Bet

Popular Binary Arts Game Receives Further Praise

November 4, 2002 Alexandria, VA - The Canadian Toy Testing Council announced today that Smart Mouth®, the word game from Binary Arts, has been awarded one of its prestigious Best Bet Awards for 2002. Over 1,000 children, ages three months to sixteen years, test toys for the Council each year. The Council rates each toy with a maximum of three stars. Smart Mouth received the three star award earlier this year. The Best Bet Award is given to toys that surpass all of the Council's demanding three star criteria in design, function, durability, and most importantly, play value.

More Awards for Binary Arts

New Products Receive Quick Praise From Family Toy Experts

October 8, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Binary Arts' new products have rapidly earned industry praise. "Combining education with fun play has always been a big part of our mission," said Bill Ritchie, President of Binary Arts. "We are thrilled to see our games succeeding in furthering that mission."
Three Binary Arts products, including two just released in September, have received prestigious awards:

Zingo!™ Learning® Magazine 2003 Teachers' ChoiceSM Award
Picture Link™ Parents' Choice Recommended Award
Pet Hunt™ Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal AwardIn addition, Pet Hunt was named one of the Best Educational Toys of the Year by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. That list, available at, also includes the Binary Arts multi-award-winning family game, Smart Mouth®.

Awards Continue for Binary Arts

BA Celebrates Five New Awards

July 30, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Binary Arts games have been showered with ten coveted awards for excellence in design, concept, and entertainment value, including the prestigious ASTRA Hot Picks Award and the Mensa Select® Award. "We could not be more proud to receive these distinguished awards," says Bill Ritchie, Co-Founder and President. "They validate our mission and ironclad commitment to producing puzzles and games that are exceptional in quality and loads of fun and challenge."

Binary Arts' awards for the first half of 2002 include:

Binary Arts Lands Key Executive Talent

New COO positions BA for growth and innovation

July 25, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Binary Arts Corporation is pleased to announce two appointments that "add exciting new firepower to the BA team," according to BA Co-Founder and Vice President Andrea Barthello.

Ralph J. Cuomo, formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Time Life, Inc., joins the staff as Chief Operating Officer. Ralph has more than 25 years of professional experience in all aspects of finance and accounting, as well as extensive experience developing and implementing strategic plans, e-commerce strategies, process improvement programs, and other operational best practices.

Binary Arts Unveils New Metal Puzzle Series

Before you know it, you'll want these games with you at all times

July 23, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Binary Arts Corporation introduces three great new variations on a theme. Known as "silhouette puzzles," these attractive, easily portable games can be arranged to form a whole host of tricky, profiled shapes. Each puzzle sports stainless steel construction and brightly colored enamel pieces, and each has an attractive black base with space to store its own challenge-and-solutions booklet.

Brick by Brick® Metal Puzzle is a new take on our top selling building puzzle, Brick by Brick. This version has a new look and feel featuring five metal and enamel pieces with different configurations of bricks. Players arrange the pieces to match one of the 36 silhouette challenges.

Binary Arts Does it Again with 3 New Kids' Games

Children as young as 4 will have a blast and never suspect that they're learning!

July 23, 2002 Alexandria, VA - Binary Arts Corporation introduces three games for young players that have all the qualities of a hit series. They're portable and simple to learn. But they never, ever get boring. All players stay engaged in the action, while they sharpen many cognitive skills, including memory, concentration, and matching. Parents will love that that these games are so affordable, not to mention they're the best traveling companions you could want on a family trip.

Real World / Road Rules Cast Conquer Rush Hour

Binary Arts' Puzzle Goes Life-Size!

April 3, 2002 Alexandria, VA - On April 15, 2002, the cast of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Seasons will face "The Rush Hour Challenge." The members of the show will participate in a life-size version of the popular game Rush Hour, the traffic jam puzzle that turns gridlock into a game--complete with real cars.

Members of each challenge team will take turns attempting to drive one of the cars to the exit on the game board. Eight other cars on the game board block their path to the exit. The teams will race against the clock to see who can make it out of the mess in the least time without destroying the cars.

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