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Blog entry for a Thinkfun News Article

Bill Ritchie & Andrea Barthello Interviewed by Global Toy News

My Interview with ThinkFun's Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello!

August 5, 2014

Richard Gottlieb, Global Toy Experts (Global Toy News, August 5, 2014)


Back to School, Back to Math Dice!

Back to School, Back to Math Dice!

Earlier this year, the 10th annual Math Dice Competition was held in Arlington County. This county-wide event brings together students who have been practicing and playing Thinkfun’s MathDice game for months in preparation, and the skill level, determination, and off-the-wall wacky team spirit is always inspiring!


BigLeap, with ThinkFun CEO Bill Ritchie & Neuroscientist Silvia Bunge, Launches 1st Crowd-Funding Challenge for Social Good

August 20, 2013 07:15 ET

BigLeap Launches First Crowd-Funding Challenge Platform for Social Good

First Challenge Aims to Give Children Everywhere Access to Free Games That Can Actually Make Them Smarter


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