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Run a ThinkFundraiser!


ThinkFundraisers allow your organization to sell ThinkFun games and earn 40% of the profits! The program is easy and flexible. Collect orders with take-home forms OR extend the fun with our Family Game Night or Giving Tree programs.


The ThinkFundraiser Kit (pictured  here, $65) contains 10 of our best games to be used as demos. Print free how-to-play tent cards for display, and set games up at parent nights, in the school office, or use for a Family Game Night.


It’s Simple!

  1. Contact ThinkFunContact Customer Service at (703) 549-4999 or Include organization name and use FUNDRAISER in subject line. We’ll send a Master Order Form and help you order a Kit if you need one.
  2. Display Games (optional) - Display games from the ThinkFundraiser Kit. Print how-to-play tent cards for your display.
  3. Take Orders (Simple steps below)
  4. Compile orders. Send payment  & Master Order Form to ThinkFun.
  5. Receive games, distribute, families rejoice!


Taking Orders Individual order form
  1. Print a ThinkFundraiser Order Form.  
  2. Fill in the Additional Information
  3. Photocopy and distribute to families
  4. Collect forms and payments
  5. Compile orders onto the Master Order Form which calculates a 40% discount.
  6. Submit Master Order Form and payment to ThinkFun.
  7. Games ship together and are distributed based on your records.

Note: Once your Master Order is submitted, allow up to 10 days for games to arrive.

The ThinkFundraiser Program is currently only available in the US

How-to-Play Tent Cards 

Print and fold these how-to-play cards and display with the games in the ThinkFundraiser Kit.  Families who play are much more likely to order, so set these games up in a prominent place!

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