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Back to School, Back to Math Dice!

Back to School, Back to Math Dice!

Earlier this year, the 10th annual Math Dice Competition was held in Arlington County. This county-wide event brings together students who have been practicing and playing Thinkfun’s MathDice game for months in preparation, and the skill level, determination, and off-the-wall wacky team spirit is always inspiring!


The event occurs each spring, but schools begin to prepare far in advance. Since each team can only hold a small number of students, schools hold pre-competitions to fill the coveted spots.
This year 22 Arlington County elementary schools competed. Students and their parents, siblings, teachers, principals, and even the county superintendent all came out to celebrate the hard work and training these students put in.

The day always begins with an Individual Competition, where players compete head-to-head in round-robin match-ups and then teams pool their brain power in a final team competition. Much of the fun happens in between tournament rounds, when teams showcase their flair in a Team Spirit competition!
Check out a video and some photos from recent events.

Click here to see a slide show of past Math Dice events.

In order to help students begin practicing and to allow teachers worldwide to hold their own tournaments, ThinkFun offers a MathDice Tournament Kit! Now that school is back in session, happy rolling! We look forward to seeing what the 2014 competition will bring.

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