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Games to Make You Smarter


Games can make you smarter… I really believe that this is true.  But the way it works best is with a two-step process…

  • Use great games to prepare the mind, make it more flexible and open to new concepts
  • Then deliver your life lessons and big concept ideas and connections into the mix in a natural easy way (we can help)

If the games resonate with your players and the program they fit into is inspirational, then we have the start of a virtuous circle and needles will start to move.  That’s what I’m working on.


So… together with my co-Champion Professor Silvia Bunge, we are leading a Challenge to the World’s Smartest Inventing Communities… 

Bill Ritchie, CEO - ThinkFun , Inc.


Build A Game Program to Help Make Kids Smarter

We’re offering $23,000 in Prize Money for the best ideas.  And much more than this… We’re inviting you to come on board to be part of this idea here at the start.  Our goal is to create a whole new marketplace to share organized play programs between creative and customer.  

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