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Roll & Play™ is on a roll!

We released Roll & Play™, the first game ever for toddlers, in February or 2012, and already it’s building great buzz with moms and dads, the media, bloggers and toy experts.  Our first hint of Roll & Play’s popularity was The View’s “Best of Toy Fair” segment, where it was the first game and the only one for toddlers showcased.   We were delighted when Elisabeth Hasselbeck declared it “adorable!” but when Whoopi and Joy picked it to play with at the end of the show, we were over the moon!


More Roll & Play reviews are coming our way everyday – and like a proud parent with a brag book, we can’t resist sharing some of our favorites with you:


  • “Endless ways to boost development…” – Parents Magazine
  • “A great way to inspire creativity and have lots of fun!” – Creative Child Magazine
  • “Perfect first game for your child - one that they will have an easy time grasping (no pun intended!) and a ton of fun playing.” – Best Toys Guide
  • “A fun way for families to interact…” – WCBS-TV, New York City
  • “As is true with all ThinkFun games, Roll & Play teaches as it entertains.” – DadDoes blog
  • “Designed to help kids shine, supporting healthy development and celebrating success.” – Top 10 Toys from Toy Fair, Toy Directory
  • “Toddlers can now join family game night…” –
  • “Luke’s been giving Roll & Play a whirl, and he’s hooked.” – My Four Monkeys blog
  • “Keep your kids occupied while teaching some really important skills - what a great alternative to sticking them in front of your smart phone!!” – Stuff Mom Loves blog
  • “My 19 month old daughter is obsessed with this toy/game combo…I'm amazed at how well this game is designed...” – reviewer
  • “A great game for an older sibling to teach to a younger sibling too. A very unique game and great activity!” – reviewer 
  • "A fabulous first game experience, it’s seriously fun for the whole family." - BabyCenter Blog
  • "I highly encourage this game to any parent with a young toddler, as you will not find a better game that will help your child in so many ways!" - Dad of Divas blog
  • Every day my daughter is on a constant quest to absorb new information and concepts.  Her brain seems like a bottomless pit... and I am trying my best to keep up.  I am happy to report this task has gotten a little easier with the help of Roll & Play." - Momma's Bacon blog
  • "Kaila had so much fun playing with her sisters and I could tell that she was so happy to be included in something that they were doing... thanks to Roll & Play she can be a part of the fun, too!" - An Island Life blog
  • "If you are looking for a unique education game that is ideal for several ages, Roll & Play is an excellent idea." - Go Graham Go! blog
  • "There are cards which ask the child to make animal noises or make a certain face, all teaching them and helping them to grow and learn." - BSC Kids
  • "Roll & Play is the ideal way to gently introduce play patterns and rules through a loving, joyful play experience!" - Wee Share
  • "It’s a fun way to teach your toddler new concepts and get them thinking outside of the box." - Mom Start
  • "The parents were very impressed with the simplicity and educational value of such a product and agreed that Roll & Play would make a great addition to their game library." - Toys Bulletin
  • " Since getting it, we have played at least once a day. He plays with mommy during the day. He plays with daddy when he gets home from work. He plays with both of us on weekends. He plays in the morning. At noon. At night." - Baby Dickey blog
  • "Toddlers have developing minds and deserve to have a game that's fun - yet simple enough for even them to play - and that's where Roll & play comes in!" - Our Whiskey Lullaby blog 
  • "With no set rules or winners or losers, Roll & Play is a great way to introduce toddlers to game play in a way that is fun for them and for you!"  - Grand Magazine
  • "My own kindergarten aged son loved playing with his younger sister in a rare moment of peaceful coexistence fueled by fun. " - CuteMonster blog
  • "I wholeheartedly stand behind this game as the perfect first game for toddlers!" - Lill-Kid-Things blog
  • "Our family game nights will be so much more fun now that my youngest has a game she can play!" - My Life and Kids blog
  • "The kids had a blast with this simple learning game!" - Baby Loving Mama Blog
  • "Roll & Play is a wonderful first game that will grow with your child" - A Modest Mama's Musings blog
  • "It helps develop a positive self esteem and provides plenty of opportunities to give your child praise and encouragement." - My Springfield Mommy 
  • "This game is so much for both my 5 and 2 year old - and it is somethign they can play together!" - My Little Space 4 Everything blog
  • "The great thing about Roll & Play is that you can use all the cards or choose one or two tasks to work on at a time... differentiate based on the needs of your little one!" - High Heels and Hot Deals blog
  • "What's great about Roll & Play is that there's barely any set-up, there's no concept of winning or losing and no reading involved!" - The Toy Queen
  • "Roll & Play is a must for baby shower or 1st birthday gift!" " - Musing Maniac blog
  • "I think that this game and the attention that we give is good for his self-esteem!" - Trendy Mom Reviews

If you have a toddler or are looking for a gift for a special someone ages 18 – 36 months, check out Roll & Play, and let us know what YOU think!

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