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ThinkFun's Solitaire Chess App Wins a Parents' Choice Gold Award!

Parents' Choice, the nation's oldest nonprofit guide to quality children's media and toys, recently shared it's list of top mobile apps that promote fun and learning on the go. We are very proud that our Solitaire Chess mobile app was included on this list and has been honored with a Parents' Choice Gold Award!  Here's what the reviewers at Parents' Choice had to say:


"This is a highly addictive blend of two classic games - solitaire and chess. Users are presented a scenario with a number of chess pieces, depending on level of difficulty, and are challenged to eliminate all but one of the pieces off the board using defined chess moves. Each move has to eliminate a piece, so you might see a move to eliminate a pawn with a knight but it has to leave you with a follow-up move. The game board is similar to a chessboard but smaller - four squares by four squares - and though there is a tutorial, a basic understanding of chess is helpful. It looks much easier than it is.

There are 400 different challenges and four levels of difficulty, from Easy to Expert. When users get stuck, and they will, there are "back" and "hint" buttons to return the board to a previous state or provide suggestions on how to move forward. It requires the same concentration and focusing skills as chess, but without an opponent. It's a challenging app but the Hint and Back tools keep it from being frustrating. The repeat and long-term value is great."

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