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MathDice Jr.


Math Dice® Jr.
Most Recent Awards: 
Kid's First Mental Math Game
Math Dice Jr. is the perfect complement to ThinkFun’s ever-popular Math Dice! Roll the 12-sided Target Die to get your target number, then roll the five 6-sided Scoring Dice. Using addition and/or subtraction, combine the Scoring Dice to match the target number, moving one space on the Scoring Track for every Scoring Die used. The first player to reach the finish line wins!
6 and up
2 or more
  • 12-Sided Die
  • Five 6-Sided Dice
  • Scoring Track
  • Instructions
  • Game-Go Bag
MSRP: $7.99
Ordering Information: 
  • Item: #1515
  • UPC: 0 19725 01515 2
  • Size: 5W x 1.5D x 7H

How To Play


MathDice Jr. Hands On Display Game Mat Play System


Playing our games is the best way to understand exactly what makes them so special.  With our new ThinkFun hands-on display games and game mat system, you can offer that playing experience to your customers right in your store. As every retail experience is unique, we’ve designed our hands-on displays to be fun and flexible, allowing you to place or move them throughout your store. 






MathDice and MathDice Jr. strengthen and build mental math skills for players of all ages!  MathDice Jr. teaches addition and subtraction, while older players flex their skills with MathDice, using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, even powers to hit the target number!  Simple and powerful, this game is designed for quick play, easy travel, and serious skill-building.  Here’s what others are saying about MathDice Jr.


  • “They are learning, yet don't even notice because they are having so much fun!” - The Organized Classroom blog
  • “Perfect for use throughout the school year to reinforce basic addition and subtraction concepts.” - My Four Monkeys blog
  •  “An inexpensive, fun, educational game that could be used by teachers (a great math work station!) or by homeschoolers (a great math workbox!) ” - Love 2 Learn 2Day blog
  • “This game will grow and progress along with your child. The more math skills they learn, the more they can challenge themselves with game play and different sequences and combinations” - Take it From Me blog
  • “Want to get your kids interested in Math and thinking mathematically? You’ve got to get them Math Dice Jr.” - Ben Spark blog
  •  “I pull it out while they're eating breakfast, and it's a fun way to jumpstart their school day. Also, it's a quiet game my 6 year old plays during church as long as we're on padded pews (shhh!).” - Raising Redheads blog
  • “Though you can start with easier math skills, this game also opens the door to more advanced work as your child advances! This is a great game for any family!” - Dad of Divas blog









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