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Meet The Team

Bill Ritchie
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Bill Ritchie

Bill is a lifelong puzzle enthusiast whose passion drives the development of ThinkFun's innovative products and programs. The son of a Bell Labs researcher, as a child, Bill delighted in manipulative puzzles from his father's best friend, Bell Labs engineer William Keister. In 1985, Bill's dream of sharing these puzzles with the world was realized when he and his wife Andrea started Binary Arts, which would later become ThinkFun… Fittingly, Mr. Keister's Hexadecimal Puzzle was the very first product offering!

Bill believes fiercely in the power of a great game to strengthen thinking skills and prepare kids for the challenges of the 21st century. His pioneering efforts have led the development of innovative programs that truly stretch and sharpen the mind, and his partnerships with researchers and inspired educators all over the world are an important part of furthering this vision. He continues to push into new arenas, including leading the development of new mobile apps and an online gaming community.

Bill is a respected member of the international puzzle community and travels worldwide to share his knowledge, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and find the next great game. He is a member of the World Presidents Organization and a founding President of the World Entrepreneur Organization. In 2000, he received the "Sam Loyd Award for Lifetime Achievement in Mechanical Puzzles" from the Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors.

Bill earned a degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University and a Masters in City & Regional Planning from Harvard University. He and his wife Andrea live in Alexandria, Virginia, in a beautiful home that, appropriately enough, boasts a vintage car in the front lawn that looks suspiciously like the red Rush Hour car!


Andrea Barthello
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Andrea Barthello

Andrea is ThinkFun's ambassador in the worldwide marketplace. Always eager to roll up her sleeves and take on a challenge, Andrea spent 8 years working full time while going to college and then graduate school at night. Starting ThinkFun (then Binary Arts) with Bill in 1985 took things a different direction and proved the perfect journey for her curious mind!

Andrea grew up as one of five kids, with a dad in the Air Force and a mom who always put family first. Over the past 25 years, her drive and passion have fueled the charge to build each part of the ThinkFun business from the ground up…  shipping, orders, sales, marketing, accounting, everyday operations... you name it, Andrea's done it!

Despite the countless hats she's worn, when asked what her favorite responsibility is she answers without hesitation, "my family!" Andrea is immensely proud of her two sons, Sam and Mike, who are as creative, curious, and fun-loving, as you'd imagine the kids of the founders of ThinkFun to be.

Andrea is serving her second term as a member of the Board of Directors of the Toy Industry Association. She also served on the Board of ASTRA and was named one of the Washington Business Journal's "Women Who Mean Business" in 2008. While working full time in various areas of business and health care, she received a BS from George Mason University and did graduate work at American University. Andrea lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Bill.


Meet the ThinkFun Teams!

   ThinkFun Alexandria Team

Thinkfun Distribution Team

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