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Rush Hour Smartphone Apps


Award Winning App!:

The Rush Hour App is proud recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2011, and Parents Choice Gold Award 2010


Rush Hour for the 21st Century...

"Perfect Score is What Makes it Great"

Rush Hour is the original, and the best, sliding block logic puzzle the world has ever seen. ThinkFun launched Rush Hour in 1996, since then it has won most of the major toy and game awards and sold millions of copies around the world.

Rush Hour now is available for iPhone and Android phones. And, a new version of the puzzle, with stunning 3-D graphics, launched simultaneously on the iPad!

Rush Hour Mobile is a whole new play experience. First, this new version has 2500 challenges, all of them clever and fun. If you’re looking for hours and hours of wholesome casual entertainment at an incredibly low price, you need look no further!

What makes Rush Hour Mobile most appealing is the PERFECT SCORE feature.

For each challenge, the game program tracks your moves and compares them to the shortest, most efficient path possible. When you solve the challenge in more than minimum, you get challenged to do better… to keep playing until you get a PERFECT SCORE. Finding the shortest distance route, maximizing your efficiency, is a very different brain skill than just solving a challenge your first time through… but it is just as much fun! For many people, getting to a PERFECT SCORE is more satisfying than playing through two or three new challenges just to get the Red Car out of the Exit Gate. And if that weren't enough to entice you, now the iPhone version tracks your scores on a leaderboard, so you can gauge your skills against your friends for bragging rights. Try it, you’ll like it!

Another game-changing feature is the HINT button. If you find yourself stuck, just press HINT to get a little nudge towards the solution. We know this is important… we’re tracking Rush Hour Mobile performance now through Google Analytics, and a LOT of players are using HINT to help them along. No shame in a little power boost, you agree?

And yes, we also include a SOLVE button. This is a powerful feature! Just press the button and we zip you through a fast run to the solution and then put you back to where you were to try yourself.

If you have an iPad, you DEFINITELY need to get Rush Hour. The graphics are spectacular! It’s just like the original game, except incredibly more.

Have fun with Rush Hour Mobile. And, while you’re here, please take the time to follow the links and read all about Rush Hour and ThinkFun. It’s a great story!

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