An imaginative journey
you can take your turtle on!

Robot Turtles isn’t just about coding, it’s about creativity too!

That’s what makes the game so sneakily effective and fun. Now that you and your child have practiced pretending to be the programmer and computer, let your imaginations run wild and create your own Robot Turtles adventure story!

Easy as 1-2-3!

Creating a quest is simple, just follow these steps:

Be creative, be silly, be adventurous!
Write about an imaginary place, create an obstacle course or give your Turtle a secret mission.

Place the Walls, Crates and Jewels to create an environment that fits your story. You can even reimagine the tiles to better match your story (Ice Walls might become Sand Walls and Jewels might become Skeletons).

Pick a sequence of cards that will help to solve the maze. Every time you play the Function Frog card, the Turtle will move in this sequence.

Featured Quest:

Around The Horn
By Philip D

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